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Did You Know? Physical Therapy Can Relieve Your Joint Pain

joint pain

Unfortunately, joint pain is a fact of life. Whether you have sprained your ankle, have a case of tennis elbow, or are suffering from arthritis, you’ll probably experience some form of joint pain in your life. Joint pain is particularly

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Could Your Child Benefit from Physical Therapy?

physical therapy

There’s a common misconception that physical therapy is exclusively for postoperative recovery, or recovering from traumatic injuries. This could not be further from the truth. Physical therapists see patients of all ages and conditions. In fact, many people seek out

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What You ‘Knee’d to Know About ACL Injuries

acl injuries

We’ve seen it all before. Articles and headlines with titles such as: “[Tom] Brady has both ACL and MCL tears”, or “…How Tiger Woods Blew Out His Knee”, and the list goes on. Every sports season we see countless famous

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What is Dry Needling and How Can It Help Me?

dry needling

Much of physical therapy involves doing exercises that will restore function, improve mobility, and relieve pain. However, there are other, lesser known, physical therapy techniques that can be just as effective in treating your condition. One of those techniques is

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You’ll Sleep Better if You Do These 4 Things

sleep better

A good night’s sleep can drastically improve your day. When we’re tired, we’re often in a bad mood, and our productivity goes down the drain. Many of us unfortunately can’t afford that lack of productivity. According to a study conducted

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