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Sprains, Strains and Other Football Injuries

football injuries

Sprains and strains. ACLs, MCLs and patellar tendons. In one painful instance these types of football injuries can derail your favorite teams’ championship hopes or sink your chances of winning your Pigskin Points Pick’em Game. So what are the most

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4 Brain Food Tips to Improve Memory & Concentration

brain food

We all have had that mid-afternoon feeling where all you want to do is take a nap. It seems to hit right around 2 p.m., just after lunch but still hours before the 5 p.m. time to go home. What

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Week 4 Pigskin Injury Report: Lance Dunbar Tears ACL and MCL

lance dunbar

Dallas Cowboys Running Back Tears ACL and MCL By: Phillip White, Partner PT at Peoria Clinic If you are a Dallas Cowboys fan you may feel the world is against you. Having already lost Dez Bryant and Tony Romo earlier in the season,

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Knee Exercises: Simple Exercises to Help Knee Pain

knee exercises

Are you waking up in the morning with knee pain? Are you feeling the knee pain every time you exercise, run, bike, play basketball or softball? The key to keeping your knees healthy and flexible is strengthening the muscles that

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5 Steps for Healthy Living

healthy living

Many times when you begin the journey to healthy living you think of everything you need to stop doing instead of what you should start doing. We want to help you kick start your healthy living by giving you great

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