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Week 11 Pigskin Injury Report: Justin Forsett’s Right Arm Fracture

justin forsett

Justin Forsett sustains right arm fracture, placed on season ending IR By: Nathan Webb, Partner PT at Metro Parkway clinic Justin Forsett exited early during Sunday’s win during the first quarter after suffering a fracture to his right arm while being

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Dream Away Pounds: Lose Weight While You Sleep

lose weight while you sleep

What if you could lose weight while you sleep? Although this sounds farfetched it actually occurs on a rather routine basis—if you are working out correctly. Muscle increases your resting metabolic rate and helps you burn fat while you’re sleeping.

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The Best Ab Workout You Can Do Anywhere

best ab workout

It’s the one area of the body that nobody ever seems to be happy with – the abs. Everyone seems to be looking to build their perfect 6-pack but no one seems to really have a clue on how to

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Don’t Let Your Health Benefits Go to Waste


A lot of people associate physical therapy with recovery from injuries. While that makes up a big part of the practice, another part is prevention and wellness. Physical therapy can help you maintain your overall health by improving your motion

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5 Tips to Avoid Common Holiday Shopping Injuries

shopping injuries

Moms – holiday shopping can be such a fun time of the year. Checking those wish lists twice and anticipating the excitement on your family’s face. When you think about holiday shopping, shopping injuries might be the last thing to

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