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4 Effective Strength and Conditioning Exercises for Runners

strength and conditioning exercises

The secret to running stronger, faster and longer is with the right strength and conditioning exercises. Adding strength and conditioning exercises into your training will help boost agility, build muscle and fend off injury. Maximize your stride and stamina and

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A Word From Our Patients: Frank T.

Five Star Rating

  We love receiving feedback from patients! Below is a letter one of our awesome patients sent over about their time spent at our 19th Avenue location. “Hi Dan, I just completed more than 30 rehab sessions at your 19th

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Swim Your Way to Health with These 5 Swimming Exercises

swimming exercises

  Swimming is not only fun, but can burn fat, trim inches, increase strength, fitness and improve health —all in the pool! Water is one of the best fitness tools out there. It provides resistance which helps strengthen your muscles

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7 Physical Therapy Myths Debunked

physical therapy myths

Approximately nine million American adults utilize physical therapy services each year. Even with that large of a number there are many people that have misconceptions about what physical therapy is, or are unfamiliar with it altogether. Skeptical about physical therapy

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Bursitis Symptoms: The Basics

bursitis symptoms

Understanding Bursitis Wherever your tendons, bones and ligaments move against one another, near the joints particularly, there are small fluid-filled sacs called bursa that help to cushion those points of contact. If a bursa becomes swollen or irritated, it’s called

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