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3 Steps to Take When Looking for a Physical Therapy Job

physical therapy

If you are just out of school, or even a seasoned veteran in search of a new direction, you may be looking for some guidance on how to identify the best physical therapy position for you. To help you out,

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9 Foods That Help You Sleep

foods that help you sleep

Been counting sheep too many nights in a row? Bought a new mattress recently thinking it would help? But in the end you still are not getting enough hours of sleep to wake up refreshed. We want to help you

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20 Amazing Arizona Football Facts


Are you ready for some football? Need a quick fix to hold you over until the season starts? Arizona football fans look no further. We’ve rounded up 20 notable facts about Arizona football and the Cardinals: The Cardinals Franchise was

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3 Exercises to Beat IT Band Pain

it band pain

A common injury many active individuals experience is Iliotibial band syndrome (ITBS). The condition is also commonly misunderstood. IT Band Syndrome is an overuse injury that occurs if there is inflammation in the tendon near the outside of your knee.

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15 Inspirational Running Quotes

inspirational running quotes

Ever put on that brand new pair of running shoes and feel like you can conquer the world? But those running shoes never actually make it to the gym or on the pavement. If you need the extra boost to

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